Welcome to the family, fellow VegaNerd!

Welcome to the VegaNerds blog. Here you can find a collection of tasty vegan recipes; some that are even officially omnivore approved! As a mother, I am always looking for recipes that my family will enjoy. I do all of the cooking in our household, so admittedly… when I went vegan it was a culture shock of sorts for my boys. My poor fiance was at his wits end with the lifestyle change until he realized that plant-based food can be just as good as (if not better!)  food that contains animal products.

Vegan food doesn’t have to be bland (heck, it doesn’t even have to be healthy). I know what you’re thinking; and I thought it was crazy too at first… I haven’t always been vegan!  But I promise you will find at least one recipe on this blog that you will enjoy. The ultimate goal of this blog is to inspire others to give a plant-based diet a try, and reduce the use of animal products one meal at a time. And of course, to have a little fun making messes in my kitchen.

If you are currently an omnivore, please don’t feel intimidated by our little section of the internet. You are welcome here! I’m not expecting this blog to convert anyone to veganism, vegetarianism, or simply a plant-based diet. It isn’t my place to tell anyone else how to live their lives or how to eat. However, If I can inspire at least one person to try a plant-based recipe, I will be one happy camper! And it would be my pleasure to answer any questions you may have, of course.

A Little About Me

My name is Lindsy Wheaton. I live with my Fiance and 5-year-old son, a puppy, 2 cats, and 3 cockatiels. My little family and I reside in the wonderful state of Maine in our little ranch-style home. I’ve studied Nutrition and Website Development, but I will soon be pursuing a degree In Applied Behavioral Analysis. I’ve always had a knack for research, but I have been called a “Jack Of All Trades” due to constantly jumping from hobby to hobby, and profession to profession. I like to call it sampling the buffet of life. I have always been very analytical about everything that I encounter. I enjoy knowing how things work, acquiring new knowledge and skills, and creating something out of nothing.

About page still in progress… 🙂